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Linda Valkeman is a research-based designer who straddles the interface of art, research and design in her work. This work is mostly based on a reinterpretation of traditions and customs from other cultures. Enlightening the ‘Movement of Material’ over the world.

Over the past years her projects explored the transformative impact that the VOC trade had on Art & Life in the 17th century. Step by step – in chapters – her work became an ongoing investigation into this relationship bringing out new future perspectives on the Dutch Golden Age and its historical linkage to other ethnics.
Through various projects she initiates Linda carefully researches which material and technique to use as medium to highlight the relationship.
The outcome can be called hybrid, like a consistent patchwork of mixed media, materials & techniques. Leading into new tactile experiences and stratifications in color, pattern and texture.

“I don’t see my position as someone who just imports and exports things, but rather as a person who creates collaborative projects”.

© 2014, Linda Valkeman
Design: Mads Freund Brunse
Code: Benedict de Silva