Enlightened Moves

East Turkistan, also known as the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China, lies in the heart of Asia. Xinjiang is the homeland of the Turkic speaking Uyghurs and other central Asian peoples such as Kazaks, Kyrgyz, Tatars, Uzbeks, and Tajiks. The Uyghur people are reknowed for their honesty, kindness and open-mindedness towards outlanders. Today the Han Chinese now form the majority of the population in the north while the west remains dominated by minority culture.

To me this clash of cultures is the main reason why Turkistan is unique. Its history, ethnicity, and customs are offering a interesting cultural layering. Classic & colorful Turkic traditions are facing the daily unpolished Chinese lifestyle.

The photo serie ‘Enlightened Moves’ is taken last summer in the capital of Xinjiang : Wulumuqi. The images are providing an insight on the diverse faces of Turkistan.