Lost in the middle of rice terraces along a unbeaten path down to south Guizhou I have visited the village of Shiqiao. This is one of the many small villages along a quiet river in a dreamy landscape where you can meet the extremely hospitable Miao people.
Miao is the dominant group in Danzhai County making up three fourth of the total population. In Shiqiao around a hundred households nestled in a mountain valley. These families still continue their living in wooden paper-decorated houses and earn their money by producing and selling dazzling hand-made color papers and products.
Miao people are creating special paper by tree bark for thousands of years. You can see almost every village creates a different type of paper for decoration. However, because of modern technology, a changing demand and behavior of consumers, the number of villagers who can survive by keeping this tradition has declined from year to year.

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